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Class Actions

Class and collective actions alleging wage and hour claims are a rapidly growing area of labor and employment litigation. Ruth has served as arbitrator and mediator of class and collective action cases involving the following issues:

  • prevailing wage cases
  • employer/employee status
  • exemptions from overtime
  • single/joint/successor employer status
  • overtime compensation
  • tip pools/tip sharing in restaurant industry
  • record-keeping
  • spread-of-hours
  • deductions from wages
  • call-in pay
  • remedies under state and federal laws
  • misclassification cases

Client Comments*

  • “Ruth: On my to do list for today was �Thank Ruth.� We did in fact settle, we made a lot of progress the day after mediation, and then settled a couple of days later. Thank you so much for your help, and as usual with cases that you mediate, we settled!”

Ruth has mediated class and collective action cases in the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Telecommunications
  • Hospitals
  • Health insurance
  • Stockbrokerages
  • Mortgage brokerages
  • Hospitality & restaurants
  • Parking garages
  • Car washes
  • Commercial landscaping
  • Media and entertainment

*Prior results do not guarantee a similiar outcome.



Click here to read Ruth's article in the New York Law Journal: "Mediation of Class Actions on Wage-and-Hour Matters"
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