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Today's Employees Need Training
In today's diverse and global workplace, companies need to provide managers and employees with practical skills to comply with multiple workplace laws as well as manage and interact effectively with employees. Ruth conducts highly interactive and informative employee and management training on subjects including:

  • Promoting employment law compliance
  • Preventing and remedying sexual harassment
  • Diversity awareness
  • How to be an effective manager
  • Alternative dispute resolution processes
  • Conducting employee investigations

Customized Programs are Most Effective
Unlike "off-the-shelf" and "on-line" training programs that employees and management often view as mundane and boring, Ruth works with her clients to customize training programs to align them with their business objectives and organizational climate. She creates case studies and other materials that simulate "real life" situations relevant to the participants. Training sessions can be conducted on a one-on-one basis, for defined employee and management groups, or across-the-board for all employees.

Anti-Harassment Training for Hedge Funds
Taking her preventive training mission to the next step, Ruth has partnered with Judith Gross, Esq. of JG Advisory Services, LLC, a firm that advises hedge funds on compliance issues, in creating a new training module for hedge fund groups that addresses the basics of discrimination, harassment and retaliation laws. This unique program not only presents the regulatory and legal framework as it applies to hedge funds, but also contains case studies that are relevant to the daily work environment in hedge fund offices. This module is accessible from the JG Advisory website at Click through on “Training” and view TM5 for this module which is desktop accessible and runs about half hour, longer if you pause to discuss.  Please contact Ruth or JG Advisory at 917 375-6852 for further information.

Client Comments*

  • “I just wanted to thank you for your work yesterday. The presentation was refreshing and offered me deeper insight into things I deal with regularly. Thank you for listening and sharing. I hope you are able to come and do this for all administrators.” - School Administrator (Dec. 2016)

Representative Training Programs Conducted For:

  • Office manager at executive compensation firm
  • Managers and key personnel in restaurant and hospitality industry
  • Officers and managers of financial services companies
  • Executive of financial services company
  • Faculty and staff of private colleges and private elementary and high school
  • Individual executives as "remedy" for discrimination complaints
  • Management team of manufacturing facility
  • Management and staff of private charitable foundation
  • Management and staff of private equity firm
  • Management of legal services organization
  • Manager of support staff at major law firm

*Prior results do not guarantee a similiar outcome.



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