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Effective Investigators are Impartial
Nearly every organization has a policy against discrimination which includes a commitment to investigate and promptly resolve internal employee complaints. However, given the pressures on human resources departments and in-house counsel, organizations may not be equipped to provide timely, independent, neutral investigations in response to claims of management or co-employee wrongdoing.

A personable and skilled communicator, Ruth is an effective investigator of workplace disputes. Acting at the request of law firms and organizations, her investigations and neutral fact-findings have often led the parties to reach amicable resolution of the issues, enabling them to restore productive working relationships and avoid embarrassing, costly, and disruptive litigation.

Representative Investigations:

  • Claims of disparate treatment against private elementary and high schools
  • Age discrimination claim in charitable organization
  • Claim of “bullying” by co-manager and employees in beauty industry
  • Complaints of sexual harassment by sales executives of pharmaceutical firm
  • Sex harassment claim against medical practice
  • Gender discrimination claims in financial services companies
  • Race discrimination claim against university
  • National origin claim against manufacturer
  • Sex discrimination and harassment claim against executive of a not-for-profit organization
  • Gender discrimination claim of students against college professor
  • Same-sex sex harassment claim against corporate officer
  • "Reverse" discrimination claim against female executive
  • "Gender equity" survey for financial services company
  • Claim by high-level executive that supervisor discriminates against working mothers
  • Sex harassment claims against trading desk of major broker-dealer
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